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Not only does CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED perform good quality Real Estate transaction Reports since 2008, additionally we provide quality expert witness services which pertain to most all construction issues.

Home Inspector

Owner Anthony Perez has an established contractor�s license since 1989 in 5 CSLB classes [574974] A-1 engineering, B-1 general, C-36 plumbing, C-27 landscape and C-8 concrete and other certificates of accomplishment in building codes, structural inspections, etc.

This season Mr. Perez has also obtained a California Real-estate Salespersons license to comprehend the R.E. trade and better assist brokers, salespersons, buyers, sellers, property owners, etc.
CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED has several years of experience with court, arbitration, CSLB, and surety (bond) policy and procedures.

CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED can profit the client by giving legal information, affirmative defenses, California construction law and California contract law that are most recent to each and every situation, it will probably be the client�s final determination to produce all legal choices the way to make use of the information.

CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED is not a California licensed attorney, CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED cannot provide any client with �legal advice� however, with this numerous years of experiences directly coping with the courts, the CSLB, bond companies and various attorneys CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED is able to provide clients with �options and opinions� this would be the client�s option to make legal determinations.
Let it be known that in the legal industry nothing is ever guaranteed. Home Inspector

With state and county budget cuts nearly all small claims courtrooms have closed and many types of jurisdictions (including Palmdale and Lancaster) are now forwarded to the Van Nuys Courthouse and therefore are only by 50 percent courtrooms. CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED continues to be inside these courtrooms on numerous oCalifornia Certifiedasions, the couple of judges that preside are overworked and probably under paid, each litigant has only about 5 5 minutes to demonstrate their complaint or defense, obviously there are numerous inappropriate judgments. In small claims cases when the plaintiff loses or is not satisfied they can't appeal the choice unless they have been counter sued.

Any upstanding attorney, the CSLB and then any bond company will all agree that filing complaints or litigation just isn't in anyone�s needs; the procedure occupies a lot of your energy and is also very unpredictable.

It is usually in everyone�s desires to make every try to privately resolve common disputes or resolve disputes by way of private mediation. With respect to the seriousness of aCalifornia Certifiedusations mediation ought to be the first option to resolve,
If matters have already evolved where there are pending claims and complaints, based on the harshness of the specific situation CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED may be able to intervene and hold off due process before disputing parties make all attempts to privately resolve issues.

CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED is able to perform professional inspections documenting most all construction type [alleged] defects and omissions for many all claims, complaints, arbitration and litigation.

CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED could possibly contradict other expert witness reports and documentation, it's been my experience that doesn't all �expert witnesses� will almost always be thorough and aCalifornia Certifiedurate, many are not so experienced, a number of the CSLB board and bond co. expert witnesses tight on than Several years as a licensed contractor, CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED has discredited many opposing expert reports.

If in any sort of construction dispute or need professional documentation or opinions call 1-800-758-6266 request Anthony Perez. www.cacertified.com


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